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Dear District 4 Voter,

I am honored and humbled by the trust you've placed in me to represent you in Boise. I am resolved to follow through with the commitment I made to you to protect and further the conservative values that make our community such a great place to live.  I will be communicating with you regularly, mostly via social media, to make sure that you are informed on what is going on especially during the legislative session which is typically January-March. I will also be soliciting feedback from you along the way. Please connect with my Facebook or Instagram page so that I can stay in communication with you.

Thanks to those who invested in my campaign whether financially or by volunteering your time and energy. I was blessed to work with an amazing group and build relationships with so many great people.


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Top Issues:

Lower local residents livings costs by Repealing Grocery Tax and Property Taxes on primary residence.


Take Action Now!

Help Raise The Standard


Bold Leadership and Proven Success to Stand for Idaho Citizens

In a time when divisive ideologies are creating confusion in our schools and government overreach is crippling small businesses, and threatening religious and medical freedom, we need leaders who understand how to build community and stand up for the hardworking citizens and their families–the backbone of our society. 
Hard Work, Perseverance and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Born and raised in North Idaho, Ben developed his work ethic from a young age by delivering newspapers in the Silver Valley at age 11, even in below-zero weather and moving irrigation pipe on the Rathdrum Prairie at age 14 to earn money for school clothes. After high school, he worked his way through school at North Idaho College and Gonzaga University, where he was recognized with the Student Service Learning Award in 2002 and graduated with honors.
Sincere Public Service

Ben has always believed that the role of government representatives ought to be to serve the public - not the reverse. His passion for serving those in the community is evidenced by his volunteer work in church, educational and business organizations. While attending a local church, he volunteered in a wide variety of areas from the food bank to children's


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