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Idaho needs to lead the way in protecting unborn children and I’m passionate about fighting to end abortion in Idaho from conception.  Innocent life must be protected as a key foundation to a moral society.  For too long we have allowed the most vulnerable in our society to be killed in the name of women's rights or freedom of choice. The Idaho I envision believes in fighting for the most vulnerable. 


Our children’s innocence is under attack by more than just abortion advocates.  We now see explicit sexual materials in the classrooms, schools and libraries where we send our children.  It is not censorship to make sure that our children aren’t exposed to sexual material - it is common sense. Anyone who would promote putting material within our children’s reach is either naïve or downright evil.  I will do whatever is possible to protect the innocence of our children in the formative years of their life.

A Higher Standard of Defending the Vulnerable & Innocent

A Higher Standard of Freedom by Fighting Against Federal Overreach

Defending State Sovereignty is at the top of my list of governmental values because it is one of the bastions of freedom that stands between us and tyranny.  The 10th Amendment to the Constitution states " The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."  One of the wonderful things about living in the USA is that each state can, and should, exercise the power to create laws based on the peculiar values and culture of the people who live within its borders.  The result is that citizens don't have to move to a different country to find a place to live where their values are supported but can even "vote with their feet" and move to an area that better matches the values that are important to them.   Decentralizing governmental power is key to keeping our state and our nation free.

How will I Raise the Standard?

Offering choice in how education dollars are spent is critical in creating quality education in our state.  The bottom line is that competition is the best way to accomplish the goal of the most benefit being derived from the money spent.  The ability to choose your school, and vote with your dollars, brings much needed accountability to a system that has operated as a monopoly for the vast majority of our children's education.  As is commonly the case, parents will make the best decisions about what is best for their individual children and circumstances, along with making necessary changes if something isn't working.  This will ultimately improve the level of competency in the

next generation of citizens but will certainly upset the status quo which is too often a mechanism for indoctrination instead of education.

A Higher Standard of Education through School Choice

A Higher Standard of Representation by Saying No to Special Interests in Idaho

Idaho citizens deserve leaders who represent their conservative values and are transparent about what they believe and how they will vote.  The judgment of too many government officials has been clouded by special interest groups lobbying for favors and hand-outs which, in turn, has eroded the public's trust in their representatives.  As District 4 Idaho State Senator I commit to only accept funds* from those who have the well-being, values and rights of my constituents at heart.  

*Funds received from lobbying groups will not be used by my campaign but will be forwarded to Conservative PAC's and other Conservative Candidates 

A Higher Standard of Governance by Protecting Citizens Rights

Citizens have a fundamental, God-given right to bodily autonomy and privacy regarding their medical decisions.  Furthermore the Right to Bear arms is inextricably tied to the protection of our rights by ensuring Self Defense (Life), Resistance to Tyranny (Liberty) and the Ability to Hunt (Pursuit of Happiness). The government is formed to protect rights and serve citizens not to provide special favors or redistribute wealth.  Property rights are at the core of our society and property ownership encourages financially and societally responsible citizenship.

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