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About Me


Ben is a native, long standing resident of Idaho raised by a School Teacher mom and a Physical Therapist dad. He had simple beginnings, growing up mostly in apartments and mobile homes. Some of his best memories are fly fishing the curving waterways of the Coeur d’ Alene and St Joe Rivers with his father, playing football and basketball for the Lake City Timberwolves, and participating in student government at scenic North Idaho College as Senator, Vice 

President, and President.


During his time at NIC, Ben found his two great passions: Political Science and his beautiful wife Elisha, marrying a day before graduating with an Associate of Arts Degree.  He went on to earn a degree in International Business from prestigious Gonzaga University while at the same time starting his own family with the birth of their first daughter. During his time at Gonzaga, he was greatly impacted by statistics indicating that a family of three making under a certain household income, would be considered impoverished. Ben and Elisha were surprised to discover they fell below this line, as they felt they had a sustainable (albeit frugal) livelihood. This led to a core belief that poverty is a mindset and must be addressed as such. 


Shortly after graduating from GU, the Toews family purchased their first home in downtown Coeur d’ Alene.  Being just 25 and 23 respectively, owning their own home was an important step toward putting down deep roots, establishing connection with the people around them and building close friends through church and community involvement. Ben’s wisdom and keen insight, has brought strategic counsel and solutions to local finance and church government teams and committees. 


For the past 17 years, Ben has been an integral part of growing a start up business with his in-laws as a developer & manufacturer of specialty construction tools, starting out as the Vice President and later stepping into the role of President/CEO.  The company sold products around the world and won numerous awards for innovation, exporting and product excellence. The business’ mission was to "Continually improve the lives and livelihoods of tradesman across the globe by providing cutting edge solutions,” which was undoubtedly accomplished based on results rendered. The company was sold in 2019 to a like-minded firm that continues the legacy. 


While building the family owned business, the Toews also grew their immediate family to five, ranging in ages 7 to 22 - all of whom have been homeschooled throughout the years.  It has been Ben’s great honor and blessing to be a part of his childrens' education, helping to start a homeschool co-op where he taught economics, government and leadership classes to high school age students and coaching his children's debate club. He would consider being a part of his children's growth through learning to be one of his highest joys. 


With the same passion and vision he has taken to task in each of his life endeavors, Ben intends to Raise the Standard that was both made and paid for by those who have gone before us and pledged their life and sacred honor, so that we could enjoy the fruit of Liberty.  He will be a driving force and clear voice to build a stronger, more conservative Senate, with leadership marked by a proactive stand against federal overreach, tyranny at all levels, and the encroaching elements that are eroding away at the foundations of our great Gem State. 

If you would like to know more about my stances on important topics you can go here, feel free to call 208-209-7791 or email me at

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